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Benefits of CBG Oil: Is it Really the New CBD?

What is CBG cannabigerol

What are The Benefits of CBG Oil?

What are the benefits of CBG Oil? You know CBD… but have you heard of CBG? Meet the other phytocannabinoid that’s about to steal the spotlight in the medicinal world.

There’s another cannabis compound with bountiful benefits and it’s ‘high time’ you got to know it.

CBG Stands for Cannabigerol

The benefits are currently being studied for its potential pharmacological properties but haven’t been in any clinical trials (yet!). The plant itself is thousands of years old, and one study dates back to the 60s.

Basically speaking, CBG is the precursor to CBD, CBC, and THC. It’s sometimes referred to as the stem cell. We all know how powerful stem-cell’s are! So, what does this mean?

Homemade CBG oil Recipe

Cannabinoids Come From CBG

CBGA changes and is broken down to become the base molecule that other cannabinoids form from. Science is amazing! This means that there are even more studies and proof that CBD, THC, and now CBG is beneficial for your wellness!

What’s the Difference Between CBD and CBG?

CBG helps to make CBD, so while they’re both cannabinoids, they’re different parts of the cannabis plant.

They each serve different purposes and may help treat different ailments and have benefits that are shown to support your immune system and mental health/clarity!

The main difference between CBD and CBG comes down to the level of research available. There’s been a decent amount of research on CBD, but not so much on CBG – but it’s coming and every study thus far has proven benefits.

what is cbg?

Both CBG and CBD can potentially relieve anxiety and depression.

CBG and CBD are also “non-intoxicating”- so consumption won’t get you high in the way THC can.

CBG Activates CB1 Receptors

Studies of CBG seem to show that it activates the CB1 receptor just as CBD does, which essentially decreases psycho-activation.

The CB1 receptor is the main effector of the Endocannabinoid system – responsible for most of your brain and body functions.

What Are the (Potential) Benefits of CBG?

CBG dominant cannabis strains
  • May treat Glaucoma This could be a huge deal because CBD on its own does not help with glaucoma, but THC does-so for patients who want to treat glaucoma using cannabis, this may be a way to do so without the intoxication effect. Check out this study. 
  • Antibacterial Properties. CBG shows promise for treating MRSA as an antibacterial agent. CBG has the potential to treat bacteria that are resistant to traditional antibiotics.
  • GABA.  CBG inhibits GABA uptake, which could lead to muscle relaxation, tension relief, and the feeling of calm and peace in the body according to Bonni Goldstein, M.D., a physician with a current specialty in cannabis medicine.
  • IBS & IBD. CBG may reduce the effect of colitis, IBS, and IBD. According to a recent study by Goldstein, IBD patients have been experiencing “successful management of abdominal pain, joint pain, cramping, diarrhea, poor appetite, weight loss, and nausea” with the use of cannabis.
  • Potentially fights cancer. “CBG is also proven in laboratory studies to inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells,” says Dr. Goldstein. A review article in 2009 showed that CBG could potentially slow tumor growth. A 2014 study found similar results, reporting that CBG inhibited tumor growth in colon cancer, and 2006 study including cannabigerol noted it may help with breast cancer. In 2016, it was shown to be an appetite stimulant in rats, which could help patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Helps reduce inflammation. A 2007 study looked at CBG’s ability to treat eczema and psoriasis, and as mentioned, it may help reduce the inflammation caused by IBD.

How Do you Make CBG Oil at Home

cbd oil cooking

Making CBG Oil at home is simple with our easy-to-follow instructions. Enjoy the benefits of ingesting this fascinating Cannabinoid packed with power and benefits for your wellness!

Where Can I Buy CBG Oil

Easy! Cannadish offers a premium broad-spectrum CBG Oil. CBG oil is easy to dose and easy to love due to its delicious peppermint flavors and thoughtful ingredients. Cannadish CBG Oil is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Our 60ml dropper contains 500mg of premium CBG with 500mg of CBD. Simply add a 1ml drop of Cannadish Broad Spectrum CBG Oil under your tongue and swallow!

1000mg CBG cannabigerol chrome bottle with black tube

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