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A Weed Manicure Trend Is On The Rise

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You read that right, you can now use cannabis for dope nails!

Cannabis and CBD specifically, is taking the beauty and wellness industry by storm. It’s everywhere — in lip balms, mascaras, lotions, shampoo, you name it. There seems to be no limit when it comes to how CBD can be infused into beauty products. The industry only continues to amaze and surprise us with unthought-of new innovations. Well, along with cannabis beauty products and spa treatments, you can get yourself a weed manicure. Although, it might not actually do anything to make your nails stronger.

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It is worthy of note that this doesn’t mean a cannabis manicure isn’t worth getting. Furthermore, in this fast growing trend, what constitutes as weed nails might change depending on the state you live in. From CBD hand soaks to actual bud on your nails, there are a range of options.

The Cannabis Spa Treatment

We know that CBD contains a whole host of benefits for your body and your skin. And because of this, high end spas everywhere are incorporating a little CBD into their menu. Whether its a CBD massage, a CBD facial or a CBD-infused mineral soak, you can tailor a spa treatment to give you the ultimate in cannabis relaxation. Thanks to the legalization of CBD, at-home CBD spa products are growing in number. This is seen in CBD-infused bath bombs to cannabidiol face masks. 

Nail salons are also starting to add CBD to their manicure treatments, too. Common add-ons might be hand and foot soaks that are infused with this magical cannabinoid. Perhaps even a CBD scrub treatment. The beauty industry is embracing CBD with open arms and it only makes sense that it would make its way to spa manicures as well.

Does a Weed Manicure Help Your Nails?

Whether or not CBD can give your nails more strength or luster, science doesn’t really know. But if anything, dipping your hands into a tub of CBD-infused water could possibly induce some very chill vibes. If you’re looking for the full extent of cannabis relaxation, you might want to consider combining that CBD manicure with other spa treatments, like a CBD massage or a CBD facial. Your mind and your body will thank you, and it’s likely your skin will shine as a result. That’s because CBD oil is full of amino acids, anti-oxidants and fatty acids, which are great for your hair, skin and nails.

Not only that, but CBD is a good option for reducing stress and anxiety, which is what drives many consumers to high-end spas in the first place. By reducing inflammation and pain, CBD is a natural addition to any kind of spa treatment where the intention is to help you unwind.

But, CBD hand and foot soaks aren’t the only ways in which cannabis is breaking into the manicure industry. Weed nail art is also emerging as a must-have beauty treatment.

A Weed Manicure for the Weed Enthusiast

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If you’re someone who just loves marijuana, this weed manicure might be for you. Plus, if you’ve been keeping up with the latest in cannabis fashion, then you might already be aware of this new trend on the market. Weed nail design is making the rounds in cannabis-legal states, where actual bud is used in your manicure.

How can this be, you ask? Well, where legalized, nail artists are incorporating cannabis nail polish into their designs. By grinding up cannabis bud and then carefully placing it on your nails, you can wear your love of weed front and center. After decorating your nails in some glittery green cannabis bud, your manicurist then coats them in a clear lacquer so your weed stays put. 

Some nail artists are even combining bits of bud with gold leaf and glitter nail polish to produce some weed nail designs that are utterly breath-taking. If you’re wondering whether or not wearing weed on your nails will give you a buzz, we’re sorry to break the news. It doesn’t. In addition, after lingering under a top coat of clear nail polish, you won’t ever want to smoke that flower, either. With just a tiny amount of bud, you can have some pretty bangin’ weed nails. Isn’t that what matters?

However, before you run to your nearest nail salon, it’s important to note that this particular type of weed manicure is only available in states where pot is legal. And not every manicurist might be down to incorporate actual bud into their nail art routine. If you live in a state where cannabis isn’t legal yet, it may be on you to give your own nails that special weed makeover at home.

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