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7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Responsibly With Cannabis

7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Responsibly With Cannabis

There’s nothing more we want for you than a fantastic Hallo-Weed! Let’s explore 7 ways to celebrate Halloween responsibly with Cannabis.

You can have fun, enjoy a ton of edibles, and have a spooky night with a few safe tips we hope you’ll appreciate.

Whether you’re staying in or going out, Halloween is one of the more fun times of the year!

Dressing up as whoever you want to be is a great way to get creative, feel sexy or grab some attention with a funny or risky costume!

In our Halloween Weed Edibles article, we’ve loaded readers full of fantastic recipes so have a read here and then read on below.

1. Serve Edibles Responsibly

If yo’ure hosting a get together of any kind, you may feel like whipping up a batch of canna-infused brownies and Halloween sweets.

Store your edibles and label them appropriately to avoid any confusion or minor-situations.

You can store edibles in a lockable edibles box or child-proof containers.


2. Ask About Your Edibles

If you’re heading out to any parties this Halloween, or trick-or-treating at friend’s houses with weed, make sure you ask what kind of treats they will be serving.

If you’re not looking to partake in any canna-infused edibles, let your friends know, but if you are, check the dosage so you can manage your high, have fun and feel safe.

3. Low and Go Slow

You’ve probably heard this saying more than once before, and it’s best to remmeber and repeat it.

It’s always best to start with the lowest dosage and increase from there to achieve the desired high you’re looking for.

Remember: edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick in, so be aware!

cannabis edibles weed chocolate and weed brownies

4. Booze and Buds

When you’re hopping from party to party, or hosting own ghastly ganja-gathering, there’s going to be ‘crossfading;.

Crossfading is when you mix booze and buds together.

Often, alcohol and weed give you a stronger kind of high.

Once alcohol is in your system, it can boost the effects of weed by opening up your blood vessels and allowing more THC to be absorbed.

Some people can’t handle this kind of high, so always go low and slow.

If you want to feel great, and enjoy a marijuana mixer, try these CBD Cocktails. You’ll feel calm, and chill while enjoying a refreshing cocktail!


5. Smoke or Toke in Safety

No two people will have the exact same high, and this is why it’s good to make sure you have good friends around who will make sure that if an edible goes south, you’ve got a compass. (so-to-speak)

If anyone has a bad or super strong reaction to your Halloween edbles, keep them hydrated with water, make sure they feel safe and comfy and reassure them continuously.

6. Delicate Etiquette

Feel like smoking or toking? It’s a delicate question that needs to be asked no matter where you go.

Just do yourselve and everyone else a favor and check the etiquette and rules on smoking.

You’ll also need to be aware of children and COVID precautions too.

You can’t go wrong if you bring enough to smoke with other guests. Sharing is caring!


7. Do NOT Drive High. Ever.

If there is one promise and rule you need to always keep – and pass it on: do not toke and drive.

Even though Cannabis is legal in many Countries and States, and you may not feel like it impairs you–it’s not worth the risk to yourself or others.

Call an Uber so you can relax, unwind, have fun and never worry!

If you’re starting to cook with Cannabis, or you are a seasoned Canna-Chef, check out more recipes here.

For great ideas, pairings and cooking products, check out these products.

Happy Hallo-Weed!


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