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6 Best CBD Foot Care Solutions to Soothe Your Soles


6 Best CBD Foot Care Solutions to Soothe Your Soles

Today we’re going to explore the 6 Best CBD Foot Care Solutions to Soothe Your Soles.

One of the first things you feel like doing when you get home is kick off your shoes and put your sore feet up, right?

If you’re an avid Stilleto lover, and just can’t get enough of those sky-high designer heels, or you work on your feet daily, then this article is for you!

How Can CBD Help My Feet?

CBD oil is known to be an anti-inflammatory, pain-decreasing and stress-releasing wonder-oil!

From CBD capsules, gummies, edibles, and creams – there are a ton of options for your feet and they all support relief.

And whether you’re a professional who needs to wear uncomfortable shoes daily, an athlete or construction worker:

CBD May Be The Best Thing for Your Sore Feet!


6 Best CBD Foot Care Solutions to Soothe Your Soles

Check out these fantastic foot-friendly CBD products and treat your feet, first!

1. CBD Oil by Cannadish

Known for its amazing benefits that include the possibility of healing chronic pain, sore muscles, and relieving pain, this CBD oil has a dual purpose.

Here’s why it’s so great: You can consume the oil and ingest it daily to help with a myriad of wellness benefits.

But you can also take a but of CBD Oil in your hands and rub it all over your sore feet. The beautiful part of this oil is that it’s also infused with natural peppermint oils which means double soothing!

It contains 300 mg of CBD – amazing and strong – just what your feet asked for.

And – if you want to add a little extra, try a few drops of tea-tree oil – known for its anti-fungal properties!

Cannadish 1500mg CBD oil peppermint bottle with tube

2. Lord Jones Stiletto CBD Cream

We mentioned earlier that CBD was for everyone’s feet – and we can’t leave out our stiletto-survivors.

We say survivors because after an evening out with high heels, you need some serious relief and it’s a wonder how your heals survive!

Slather stiletto cream on your feet 20-30 minutes before you slip on your shoes, and you should have no issues, blisters or soreness for the evening.

Apply it after you take off your heels as well, for extra TLC. Each tube has 200mg of CBD, which is enough to moisturize and support sores.

Lord Jones CBD Stiletto Cream

3. CBD Foot Spray by Mazz Hanna

Mazz Hanna’s foot spray is uber cool, literally!

It’s a refreshing foot spray infused with smoky quartz that’s blessed by a Shaman… under the full moon!

Beside the interesting and unique story behind it, the product itself has 250 mg of CBD per bottle.

The bottles are 30 ml’s, enough for a season or so, and come beautifully packaged up!

CBD Foot Spray

4. Hand, Nail & Foot Supreme Treatment

Made with wild carrot, 125 mg of CBD oil, and calendula this is the cream of the crop! Literally!

Right on the website, Khus & Khus features their lab reports and Cannabinoid reports to certify the amount of CBD in their products – we love transparency!

A great, luxury cream that supports your feet, hands and nails too. Versatile and soothing – just what the Podiatrist prescribed.


5. Natural CBD Relief Cream

The name says it all! Customers who reviewed this product say it totally works.

It’s fast-absorbing, has Eucalyptus and Peppermint – both bosses when it comes to cooling and soothing soreness, and has 180 mg of CBD.

The bonus here is the tube it comes in – you can control exactly how much comes out and because it’s a high quality cream, you only need a small amount.


6. R&R Rub Cream by Prima

Intensive treatment for sore muscles is exactly what we want in a cream, right?!

Especially on our heels, pads and even ankles – all of the places where sore seems to linger.

This wonderful cream is silky, smooth, and powerful!

With 750 mg of CBD per bottle, you should feel relief fairly quickly.

Another bonus is that it’s made with Shea butter – which is a known and proven moisturizing agent that is unstoppable with CBD by it’s side.

PrimaRR CBD Cream

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