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420 Girl’s Party Ideas: This Is For Stoner Gals Only

Girls enjoying a stoner party

So, you’re considering throwing your girlfriends the ultimate stoner girl party.

Excitingly, there are several ways to do this. It all depends on how you and your gf’s like to get down. Of course, there are several different types of stoner gals. That’s why we’re compiling a list of 420 girl’s party ideas that will appeal to the diverse classes of weed queens. If you like games, eating cannabis edibles, trying out weed beauty products, or straight up smoking, read on to get inspiration for your next pot party.

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Let’s kick this off with weed inspired games.

Firstly, there are a couple different ways to incorporate weed games. If you’re centering your party around games, this list should cover the bases. Maybe you want to break up the night with a little bit of fun to get the whole team going. Here is a list of weed inspired games that are sure to add to the evening.

Weed Party Game Number 1: The Last Laugh

Okay, this may sound a little bit juvenile. Fact is, if you’re partaking in a little bit of ganja, this can be a tough and hilarious game. This weed party game is great for the stoner babe on a budget. All you need is some dice.

1.) What you’re going to do is sit in a circle with your besties. Each of you take turns rolling the dice. Lowest roller is going to go first.

2.) This person is going to turn to their neighbor on the right. This person will turn to face the low roller.

3.) Both babes are going to bow their heads. On the count of three, these stoner goddesses are going to lift their heads and stare into one another’s glassy eyes.

4.) First stoner sweetheart to laugh is eliminated.

This is the basic premise of the ganja game. There are many ways to up the anti here. Perhaps you can ready a prize for the stoic stoner. Or maybe if you end up laughing then you are told to complete a dare. Perhaps these gals must take another toke? Now that you are privy to the premise of this stoner game, you can run with it. Laughing is a sure way to get the 420 girl’s party going.

Cannabis Party Game Number 2: Never Have I Ever.

Never Have I Ever is a classic party game that is a fun way to get to know your gals even better. The cannabis rendition of this classic is super fun and you never know what kind of stories will surface. The weed game rules are slightly different, so let us break it down for you.

1.) One of the gals will kick of the circle by telling a truth. It can be something simple like, “Never have I ever gone swimming with sharks.”

2.) Anyone who is guilty of swimming with sharks must take a toke off of a joint or hit from the bong, etc.

3.) Continue going around the circle one by one with each lady telling a truth.

This weed party game isn’t difficult, but it can sure shed some light on what your gfs are getting up to. It is common to play this game by putting down a finger on your hand for each truth you’re guilty of. This might be a good idea to limit how much your more daring dope darlings are indulging.

Ideally you’ll be a little more exciting with the “Never have I ever’s.” Try raising the stakes by saying a controversial never to learn which beauty at this cannabis party is the most adventurous.

Weed Game Number 3: Bong Pong.

This is a cannabis twist on the old faithful party game, beer pong. That’s right canna-queens, there’s no alcohol needed for this weed party game. Let us break it down for you.

1.) Set up some red solo cups on a ping pong style table in a triangle formation.

2.) Grab about 5 ping pong balls (or something similar).

3.) Set yourself up in even teams, on opposite ends of the table and fill them a quarter full will liquid. This can be beer or a beverage of choice. Keep in mind, the combination of drinking and. smoking weed can be very powerful. Water will definitely suffice.

4.) Shoot your ping pong balls, and try and get them into the opposing teams’ cups.

5.) If you sink one of your game pieces in the opposing teams’ cups, they will take a hit from the bong. Vice versa if they land one of their balls in your cup.

When you sink a ball in the opposing teams’ cups, take the cup off of the table. Rotate back and forth taking turns between your team and your competitors’ team. The first team to run out of cups loses. This is a super simple, super fun cannabis party game that your gals will love.

Girl, you’re going to get hungry. Here’s a few 420 girl’s party food ideas.

Let’s face it, if you’re going to be inviting your girls over for a 420 party, you’re going to need some delicious foods. From weed edibles to standard treats, there are several ways to impress your empresses. Here are some weed snack ideas that will satiate your ladies.

1.) Cannabis Cookies

Seems kind of like a no brainer for a 420 girl’s party. This weed classic is delicious, easy to make, and sure to please. You can get creative with decorating canna-cookies. Perhaps you can create weed cookies with your girls’ names on them, or little pot leaf designs. This weed treat is sure to delight.

2.) Weed Hand Pies

These versatile weed party edibles are super tasty and super convenient. Girl, we don’t know about you, but we like to keep it neat. Cannabis hand pies save on any mess and are delicious to taste. You can use the base of this recipe to create mini sweet-weed pies, or meat pies. If you’re looking for a sweet weed edible, or savoury cannabis party food, this is the perfect option.

3.) Weed Infused Caesar Salad

Seriously, who doesn’t like a Caesar salad. We put a cannabis twist on this trusty classic by infusing its dressing with weed. Whip up a large weed infused Ceasar Salad for a 420 party food that will surely satisfy.

4.) Pot Pizza

Is a party even a party without pizza? Now imagine munching on the ultimate weed munchie, pot infused pizza. This is a 420 party must that your girls will surely love. If you’re inviting vegetarian gals, this recipe is easily tweaked to meet your girls’ needs. In fact, you can create most variations of this fan fave to suit many dietary restrictions. Simply drizzle 1 tablespoon of cannabis cooking oil over your fave pizza and voila!

5.) Weed Infused Fondue

This is the most interactive way for you and your ladies to enjoy weed edibles. Remember, you can infuse a cheese fondue or cannabis chocolate fountain. This weed edible is so versatile and so much fun.

If you’re looking for some food ideas that are not weed edibles, of course, you can make the non-infused version of the ideas above. Additionally, it can be a lot of fun to have ‘create your own’ food stations. Perhaps you could consider build-your-own tacos, or fajitas. Maybe you could set up a cupcake decorating station. Let your ideas run wild with this exciting and interactive weed party idea.

Hey gorgeous, here are some cannabis beauty ideas for your 420 girl’s party.

While your girls are all in one place, why not bring the spa session to them? There are so many cannabis beauty ideas that could round out the evening with relaxing fun. Below are a few simple ideas to pamper your canna-babes.

1.) CBD Face Mask

girls with CBD face masks on

Treat your canna-beauties to a rejuvenating face mask. This simple weed face mask is easy to make and will leave the gals feeling great. Bond over restoring cannabis face masks while beautifying and relaxing.

2.) Weed Nail Art

It is truly amazing to browse the incredible cannabis nail art that is surfacing in cannabis beauty. It it super simple to create kick ass weed nails at home. Pick up a stencil and create pot leaf nail motifs. Break up a tiny bit of bud and mix it into clear nail polish for stunning and authentic weed nails.

3.) CBD Foot Bath

This is easier than it sounds. All you need is some CBD, your favorite flowers, and some essential oils. Of course, you can throw in some epsom salt for additional relaxation. Fill large bowls, or pots with warm water. Add in these ingredients and tell your ladies to soak. Lay out some towels to dry off.

4.) Cannabis Hot Cloths

This is a simply way to pamper your ladies. Fill a bowl with warm water. Add in CBD oil and essential oil. Add in face cloths. Remove and ring out the cloth of excess water. Check to see that the towel isn’t too hot, and hand out to your ladies. Tell them to place this over their face until the cloth loses its warmth for a soothing cannabis hot cloth. (Be sure to let your gals test the cloth on a small patch of skin to test for skin reactions first.)

5.) CBD Massage Circle

If you and your ladies are close, why not start a massage train? Create a CBD Massage Oil or CBD Moisturizer. Sit in a circle and enjoy a weed massage train.

Let your imagination run wild, ganja goddess.

girls laughing at stoner party

Truthfully, there are a lot of fun ways to enjoy a 420 girl’s party. From CBD treats, to cannabis makeup, and even getting stoned playing video games. The fact is that when you and your gals are together, you’re going to enjoy yourselves.

Hopefully, these weed party ideas will only add to the experience. Remember, you can get creative with weed decorations, cannabis games, and weed edibles. Relax with the crew through cannabis beauty fun, or just straight up passing the joint.

Don’t let social distancing stop your 420 Girl’s Party!

All of our ideas would seemingly work best for an in person cannabis party. Don’t let the current climate discourage you from organizing this event. Almost all of the activities will work over video conferencing apps. Obviously, this will require a few tweaks but we are including some ways to navigate these interesting times.

All of the weed games are adaptable to a video conferencing scenario.

Let’s start again with “The Last Laugh” and “Never Have I Ever.” To play this game on a video call, the same rules apply. Social distancing shouldn’t hinder these games at all. Instead of playing in a circular pattern, you can play in alphabetical order.

“Bong Pong” is still simple to play. Unfortunately, your opponents will not be across the table. As long as you all create similar set ups, you can still shoot and sink a ball in like fashion. You’ll need to watch the screen to see if players sink the ball. It may not be traditional, but it works!

Prepare and ship your foods in advance or add a cooking component to the party.

If you’re going to be creating party foods there are a couple different ways to adapt to this situation. You can either prepare and send your ladies some weed snacks ahead of time, or, host an online cooking class. It might be fun to whip up a batch of canna-cookies with your gals on screen. This way they can learn to create their very own!

Why not enjoy an on-screen cannabis beauty session?

There are still several ways that you can enjoy weed beauty practices as a canna-squad. This 420 Girl’s party can still involve all our different cannabis beauty suggestions. Teach your ladies how to make their pot hot cloths and CBD face masks on screen. Why not send your gals an email with the recipes in advance? In addition, you can host a competition so see who can make the best weed nails. Perhaps a massage circle won’t work out. You can always teach your weed queens how to make a CBD massage oil for future use.

There it is, ganja gals! You’re all set for your 420 Girl’s Party!

Okay, pot princesses, you’re ready to enjoy the ultimate stoner party for you and your bffl’s. We would love to see how your party turns out. Tag us in a pic on social or hit us up in the comments bellow. Most of all, have an amazing and safe girls trip in the comfort of your home!

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