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Planning A 420 Friendly Yoga And Weed Retreat?

women enjoying weed yoga retreat

Are you ready to plan your next weed yoga retreat? 

Planning a holiday can be stressful and time consuming. Where should you go? What should you do? Well we’ve got an idea that might allow you to relax and unwind all while practicing yoga with your best marijuana buds. If a three week yoga retreat isn’t in the cards, don’t worry, there are shorter retreats that may put you and yours into pure cannabliss. If you’re wondering where there is a retreat that is smoker friendly near me, you’ve come to the right spot. Check out our list of yoga weed retreats so that you can plan your next vacation.

women sitting in yoga pose at cannabis yoga retreat

A Rocky Mountain Weed Yoga Retreat

As cannabis becomes legalized through more parts of the United States, options for meditation, yoga, and a weed retreat for women become more readily available. How would you enjoy a relaxing Colorado weed retreat ? Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Winter Parks’ Twisted Sister Yoga offers a 420 friendly yoga weed retreat that claims to help you vibrate higher and manifest your dreams. 

The accommodations were designed to illuminate natural light and ensure the ambiance is just right for your yoga weed retreat!  This 4-day Colorado weed retreat couples together wellness workshops, spa services, and meditation with ganja yoga! Way to go Twisted Sisters! Talk about being a ganja goddess!   

Cannabliss Yoga and Weed Retreat California 

people practicing yoga with weed

Named for its blissed-out experience, Cannabliss is a yoga and weed retreat located in Joshua Tree California.  Structured as a festival you may pair various activities such as yoga, and meditation with hiking or a sound bath. This is not just a yoga and weed retreat for women, but men can happily join with their weed buds in tow. If you have been to Josua Tree then you know the outstanding serene this natural park has to offer. Skip the three week yoga retreat reviews and opt in for a two-day natural festival sure to leave you feeling all sorts of cannabliss! 

A Colorado Weed Retreat for Couples

Are you a ganja goddess looking to add a little spice into your relationship ?  Seek no further than Manitou Springs, Colorado for a weed and yoga retreat made for two! This 420 friendly cannabis couples yoga and weed retreat may light up that spark you’ve been missing.  Couples massages with CBD and cannabis, partner yoga, and ganja yoga, are the featured events. Here you will stay at a Mansion overlooking the springs and Pike Peak Mountains. This weed and yoga retreat hosts all levels of yogis-so you don’t have to worry about your expertise level. Puff, puff and pass to your partner! 

How do I Find a Retreat with Yoga and Cannabis Near Me? 

cannabis bud practicing weed yoga

It isn’t always easy to find a weed and yoga retreat. You may be out of the state or just not have a 420 friendly weed and yoga retreat near you.  If you aren’t up for the drive, or don’t have the budget we can help with an alternate solution!  Getting crafty at home is what we do best! Here is a video that will connect you to D.I.Y cannabis wellness infusions that may make you feel as if you’re coming home from a yoga and weed retreat. 

Once you’ve got your products, grab your yoga mat and your cannabis joint and you may be able to create your very own weed and yoga retreat all in the comfort of your home.  Whether you stay near or travel far, a 420 friendly yoga experience may be the ultimate way to move your body and feel its every move!  Need help with transforming your home into a weed retreat?  Click here for the ultimate at home guide to a weed retreat. 

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