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Find the best CBD Skin Care product for your beauty and wellness

These CBD beauty products are packed full of CBD oil for skin to provide your face and body with specialized skincare. We carefully craft our CBD products for beauty with high quality broad spectrum hemp oil. From luscious Colorado farms, our cannabis is harvested from non-GMO, organic hemp crops that are delicately hulled. 

Our best-in-class CBD oil extraction system captures the most potent properties from the cannabis plant to fortify our CBD topicals. From CBD lotion for face and body to our cannabis sugar scrub. All our CBD skin products are of premium quality with high doses of CBD oil.

Udea By Cannadish CBD skincare

It is understandable that many curious consumers are looking for CBD skin care products to restore glowing skin. We formulized Udea CBD skin care products to promote a smooth, even skin tone. We carefully made our moisturizer and scrub using unique ingredients to eradicate flaky skin. It is our mission to provide you with top-shelf cannabis topicals that will elevate your daily beauty and wellness routine with CBD.

Furthermore, with Udea you are accessing a CBD cream and scrub that is created from high quality CBD. All the CBD topical products are third party lab tested to ensure their safety and consistency. This means, you can confidently apply your CBD beauty products knowing exactly what you’re putting on your precious face and body. Our CBD beauty products may, however, surpass your expectations.

CBD for wellness

Many CBD companies advertise that their CBD topicals alleviate pain. Also, to even cure certain deceases and conditions such as Arthritis. We do not promote that our CBD skin care products cure any deceases or helps with any pain. We strictly designed our cannabis topicals for beauty and wellness.